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Auto Film Care Instructions

(1)    DO NOT roll your windows down (or close your vent windows) for 24-48 hours.

(2)    DO NOT clean your side windows for three days or your rear window for 10 days.  ALWAYS clean in the direction of the defroster (horizontally) 

(3)    NEVER use anything harsh or abrasive (cheap paper towels) to clean windows.  We recommend soft paper towels (Brawny, Viva, or Bounty) or a soft cloth (old tee-shirt, cotton towel, chamois)

(4)    NEVER use ammonia based cleaners (Windex, 409) we recommend Solar Majik silicone polish, or dishwashing liquid and water (about one tablespoon dishwashing liquid to 30 ounces of water).

 Some other things you should know about your window film.

 During the drying process small water bubbles will form.  This is a temporary condition; they will dry away.

 The little black dots around the rear window and at the top are baked on the glass and are raised the film will look like it is not stuck to the glass this is normal.

 While we can’t guarantee against damage to your film, we will retint damaged windows at half the standard retail price.

 Although everything can be scratched – even diamonds – the new scratch resistant film should require years for fine scratches from rolling up and down windows to show up enough to be objectionable (in most cases).

 We invite you to return in one week for a free inspection of your window tint.

 Thank you

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